Dear Miss Emily:

I have this inner hunger or drive that I can not find an outlet for.  It's hard to explain.  I have a great job that I enjoy.  Sex with my wife is awesome.  Case in point:  I have bought several dozen of the world's premier domestic and international stocks at great prices in these markets and I am still hungry for more.  I love finding them and buying them cheap more than I like owning them.  My younger cousin and I will compete in SMALL sports wagers and, if I win, I will give my wife the money because the money in and of itself means nothing to me.  It's all in the game.  I compete in a number of online chess contests.  I will sometimes watch old sports events on Youtube just to watch the great plays, blocks, and tackles that I know are coming.  Working out helps.  Sex helps.  But I just can't seem to relax my mind sometimes.  If I see a plot element in a movie that does not make sense to me, it bugs me for the rest of the movie.  Like in last summer’s Batman movie, it bugged the hell out of me that Batman didn't run over the Joker on his motorcycle when he had the chance.  I will sometimes debate movie subplots with people on IMDB.  I hope this profile has helped.  I am always at my best in the clutch when I play a game.  My weakness is games of chance as luck never seems to work for me.  How would you profile me?

----------------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------

A Warren Buffet wannabe (he still lives in the same house he bought when he was a young man)?  A control-freak?  Compulsive-obsessive?  Or just a “type A” smart guy who loves competing for the sport of it without greed attached to the motive.  It seems to me that you have many outlets for this "inner hunger."  Truthfully, it only matters if it disrupts your life and the lives of those you love.  Now if it does trouble you to a great extent, you need to get to the root of what you perceive to be a problem and that would require therapy – if you have the guts to tackle this head-on.  No problem?  Well, forget labels and enjoy your life. One small red flag, however – no matter how frustrating it was not to see Batman run over the Joker, your "inner-hunger" to see him killed,  in this respect, sadly overshadowed the basic premise of the film, and obsessing about it throughout the movie is troubling.  That said, given human nature and the will to survive, I think, in reality, one of those boats in the bay would have been blown to smithereens.  But I waited until after the film to let that bother me.