I've been with a girl for a year and a half.  I love her, and she loves me.  However, I don't want to be with her for the rest of my life at this point.  I want to experience more girls.  I'm only 20, and I haven't experienced much.  She is my first and only girl I've had sex with.  It is not about the sex --though with her, it is fine.  But I'm still curious to experience other women.  I'm going to study abroad in the fall.  Also, she lives over 6 hours away from me when we aren't at school together.  She would give anything for me.  I've spoken to her about taking a break, but I don't want to lose her forever.  I've had my luck with girls.  I had one before, for two years, that loved me but I broke up with her because I was leaving for college.  I now look back on that as a mistake.  I don't want to lose my current girlfriend, forever, because I could see myself with her forever. I know it's tough to say that now, but I just can feel it.  However, I know when I go abroad, I'm going to get with other women, and I won't stay true. That is just my nature.  I don't deserve this girl, she is too good to me.  I am too immature to realize that she loves me so much.  I want to be with other girls so bad though. I'm not thinking totally straight.  Maybe if I take time I can appreciate her, but what if another guy sweeps her off her feet?  What should I do?  Break up? Take a break?  I've stress for this for months.  Please advise.

-----------------Miss Emily's advice---------------

You must be a pretty decent guy to have had such good relationships.  Right now, you're looking for the perfect solution and there isn't one.  In matters of the heart "perfect solutions" are as rare as a natural blond.  You could lie to this girl, but you don't want to do that because it's so typical of some people, and selfish -- and that's not your style.  Maturity and wisdom come from knowing who you are, your limitations (as well as strengths) and the knowledge that some decisions can be painful, yet necessary. You have told me that freedom to explore other sexual relationships is your calling.  And this would be true, no matter your physical location -- although being far away makes it  seem almost serendipitous. You are 20 -- green, the way I see it, and this is perfectly normal.  If you were to fight your instincts about this, you will suffer more than simply being honest about your intentions.  Settling down should have everything to do with timing, and you are stunningly aware of that.  If you end up with this girl, it will be as a result of the honesty you share, and the ability to weather this chapter in each of your lives.