Dear Emily,

I have an amazing boyfriend, but we're forced to be apart this summer due to work. We decided on visits every month.  My boyfriend has a stressful job where he has to wake up at 5am and only gets back most days at 10pm. I know this is hard for him, but I'm not asking for much. All I want is a little more communication and affection via texts, phone calls or emails. I know he loves me, and I've tried talking to him about it, but I don't want to sound naggy anymore. I'm just asking for a few minutes of his time per day.  How can I make him make me a bigger priority during our time apart?

-------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------

You had me at "amazing boyfriend" and that makes me looking at things from his point of view.  He's stressed, he's burning the candle at both ends, and he needs to know there isn't a guilt trip lingering over him like a bad odor.  I get it, you need to feel loved, and that means a little consideration from time-to-time.  But I know how I get when I'm thoroughly exhausted, and even if Christian Bale were waiting for my call, I think I'd opt for a nap in the lunch room rather than a meaningful conversation. I think you're feeling a little anxious about your separation from him, and his lack of attention taps into that.  But you know, he's amazing (your words), and I would trust his love for you and not feel hurt by his inability to communicate as often as you'd like.  The thing about men (even the best of them) is this:  They think everything is fine, until they are told it is not and, then, they just don't understand.  But he's amazing in so many other ways.  Lucky you.