Dear Miss Emily:

I care for this man, a lot, but I seem to be having a problem with him being truthful to me about simple things.  For example, he will replay hot and cold actions.  Usually he will tell me he will call me, but never does it -- or he will call me and ask me to call him and, when I do, he never answers his phone regardless of the time he says too.  He tells me we are in a relationship, but I don't feel I have his heart  -- not completely. When we do meet, all he wants to do is feel on me and indicate he wants sex.  I feel that is all he wants!  I feel that when we are together or talking, it seems it always be like a roller coaster ride. He's either in a hurry, doesn't have much time to talk or some lame excuse comes up. When I don't call,  he will call and act like I have a problem, and ask me "Why don't you call me, why don't you answer your phone. I want some advice as to what's going on.  I have never met a man who does things like this, and I am having a hard time with this one.

---------------Miss Emily's advice------------

You've never met a man who does things like this, and I hope this is the last one you meet who does!  By what you have told me, you have described a man who is a complete pain-in-the-ass.  He's selfish, demanding, absurdly unpredictable, too busy to be nice (unless he wants sex), and is so completely irrational, that he can ignore your attempt to keep in touch, but blame you for not being thoughtful enough to call him on the rare occasion when you don't.  Could this be a form of torture they missed at Gitmo?  Dump this guy.  You didn't mention one good thing about him in your e-mail.  Am I missing something here, or are you just looking for an excuse to continue to be treated like yesterday's garbage?