Dear Miss Emily:

My question is regarding my relationship of 10 months with my boyfriend.. We have talked before about marriage and children (not in a serious way like we were rushing too quickly), but now I've noticed it's been a long time since we've discussed anything remotely close to the subjects.  Should I be concerned at all? Could it be that he's changed his mind?

-------------Miss Emily's advice-----------

In the early stages of an intense relationship, that kind of discussion comes up because everything seems so, well, perfect.  Nature jump-starts talk of children, and marriage gets thrown in the mix.  But time has a way of shoving that subject to the back burner when reality sets in, because no matter how casually the subject was discussed, marriage is a serious undertaking. You've only been in this for 10 months.  Give it more time.  But if frustration becomes your middle name, don't be afraid to bring up the topic.  After all, if you think this is a man you are interested in marrying someday, you need to know if you can trust him with your feelings.