Dear Miss Emily:

A guy at my work had a crush on me for a couple of months. We
talked and hung out. I chilled with him and his friends. He
told me he liked me, a lot, and that we would chill a lot more
and that he didn't just like me for physical reasons, but also
emotional. Anyway, he quit out of nowhere, and now he doesn't
call me. It has been two weeks. I called him to say Happy
Birthday, and I felt awkard. What happend to us? Is he just
not interested? I thought he liked me a lot, even more than
a friend.


-----------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

Dear Baffled:

How would you ever really know why he no longer seems interested
in you, unless you were to ask him? But if he dropped you,
so carelessly, he probably wouldn't tell you the truth if you
did. You say he had a crush on you when this thing first started,
so perhaps his epectations were too high and somehow you
disappointed him when he got to know you. This isn't to say
that you failed, but that he ended up changing his mind.
Think of all the other possibilies it could be: He's in the closet
and used you to appear straight and simply decided to move on
to another victim. He met someone else. He's psycho. He's
egocentric. But if this is a pattern in your life, try to
take a hard look at yourself. Do you give too much, too soon?
Do you bathe often enough and have good oral hygiene? You get
the idea. But first, and foremost, don't set yourself up to
look needy. I've said this, ad nauseum, keep your head held
high, and be your own best friend. TO ALL WHO READ THIS:
No one should put themselves beneath anyone -- unless that
person cured cancer. Self confidence is a winning feature in
one's personality. Exude this, and you'll start to choose and
attract pedigrees, rather than mutts!