Dear Miss Emily:

Hello. Recently my confidence has been zero since I had a girlfriend.  I did have a 21 month relationship. We are both18, but she's moved to Australia. It really drove me to the ground. My friends encourage me to "pull" but I'm not that sorta guy.  I feel I want a relationship more than anything. The past few Mondays, I've noticed a particular girl on the bus stop, on the way to college, that makes me think, wow, she reminds me of my ex  in fashion sense. She seems quite nice, and I noticed we both check each other out on the bus.  But my main problem is, I want to start a conversation, but I don't really know how to do it.  I'm looking at worst-case scenario -- that I may look silly trying to get to know someone on a bus/ bus stop.  My brother did say to me "never lose an opportunity," so I did say to myself, I'm gonna speak to her whether I look foolish or not, but that went down hill.  It was raining heavily and the bus was late, so I missed her.  And what's even worse is that next Monday is a bank holiday, so I have to wait even longer and it’s really driving me down. If you can help me in any way as in how to start the conversation it would be a great help. One thing I was thinkin' of saying is something about her shoes.  Its sounds unusual but I noticed we wear the same shoes.  I was going to say something like, "Where did you get yours from?"  Everyone seems to have them now.  What do you think?  PS: What's the meaning of prettboy?

----------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

You are so cute!  Believe me, you'd be surprised at how many people lack the courage to jump into a situation if they feel they might get the look that says, “In your dreams, baby.”  And I should know.  I receive e-mails about this several times a week. (Maybe I should start a dating service for timid souls).  But it's  really quite silly when you think about it.  How else are you going to get what you really want in life if you play it safe, or hope something drops in your lap?  And you’re the impatient type!  Think about what you would do if a girl approached you and struck up a conversation.  Even if you knew she was coming on to you, and you weren’t interested, I doubt you’d sum it up as “Lord, what a twattlehead.”  And if you did, you’re not the kind, sensitive boy I know you to be.  The shoe approach is fine, but you'd better have some follow-up lines if all she does is tell you where she got them.  She might be shy too, you know. You could say something like: (sighing first) "Do shoes really matter when the whole world seems to crumbling at our feet?"  Look, there's no magic bullet, just the kind you have to bite. This is one of life's little challenges.  And remember this:  If she doesn’t take the bait, it may just mean it's not the right time for her, she has someone else in her life, or she’s dense as hell.  We humans tend to take things too personally.  So go for it!  And be patient.  The week after the bank holiday will be here before you know it.  I have a habit of saying, "You mean it's Friday, again?"  By the way, don’t have a clue as to what “prettboy” means.  Did you try the Internet?