Dear Miss Emily:

My friend and this girl hang out with me regularly.   "C's" coworker "K" inquired about me as she saw me in a picture. We all hung out and, the next day, I received a Facebook message from "K" with her number.  I had plans for a week later with my friend and "C", so I invited "K" by Facebook message.  When Saturday arrived, my friend said that "K" was hoping  I'd call her. When I arrived out, I didn't initiate anything right away(nervous).  Eventually, we talked most of the night, laughter, and everyone agreed things went very well. She even stated "I'm available all the time."  I decided to call her the next day. No answer. I left a voice mail stating I had fun, and we should get together. 2 days without a response, so I sent same message by Facebook.  A day after that, she sends "unfortunately, I'm busy with my house (fixing it), and work travels (confirmed by "C") the next few weeks. I'll let u know when it lets up : ). I responded with "that's a nice way to say "no" I must admit, lol, playfully. "C" and my other friend are both surprised as they said she was very interested in me, and things went well. Do you think she still has interest?  I she game playing? Should I call or not? When? Not at all? Wait for her to initiate?

---------------Ask Miss Emily------------

I don't think she's game playing.  Nice try.  No, you should not call her, again.  She didn't seem too eager to return your last attempts, and you don't know when her busy schedule will lighten up. I would wait for her to initiate something if, indeed, that's forthcoming.  I would think "C" would have an idea what happened, if anything, by simply asking her how she feels about you.  I don't often suggest this method of information getting.  The intent looks obvious, and it seldom yields the truth; but your story is somewhat perplexing. You and she had a good night, and she proclaimed  she's available all the time!  That's not the case now.  But don't obsess trying to figure out what you think you did wrong because, for all you know, she suddenly got that nasty rash back on her lower extremetites and she's waiting for it to clear up.  What ever the reason, it's in your best interest to give it a rest.