Dear Miss Emily:

Me and my significant other have been together for about 3 years and I'm afraid to move in together later on, cause that's usually when it seems to fall apart. MY questions is for a simple TV Watching issue: My significant other loves to watch the news and sports 24/7 cause she grew up with loving care takers, that she used to watch those show with and it reminds her of being loved. Me on the other hand watch Animal Planet and Green Planet 24/7 cause I can't stand the News or Sports cause my parents were tyrants, especially my Dad who would come home and zone out to the sports and didn't want to hear kids or have anything to do with us. So I have bad memories of my parents being consumed by news and not making their own news or thinking outside the box. That is why I am not like that and watch Animal Planet and Green Planet and used to watch Musicals cause it was the only happy show around compared to my unhappy abusive life. So how do you think  I should resolve this?  The only thing I can think of is have two bedrooms with one bedroom that has a TV in it, so she can watch her shows and I can  watch my show in the living room. Please advise.

------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------

I know what you mean about conditioning.  Childhood memories can taint or destroy any chance of opening up to compromise and broadened interests.  But this seems to be a fact, and you don't think the circumstances will change. Now, I am sure you have some things in common, but if you are absorbed with different television passions and have a plan to close yourself off from each other in two different rooms to indulge those passions (for whatever the reasons), it doesn't seem like a relationship that will grow if you live together but, rather, capitalize on your differences with her.  If things are good between you now, living apart, and getting together when you can spend quality time is the best plan.  Your concerns are valid. Always listen to that inner voice.  You know, the one that waves internal red flags that we often ignore -- to our detriment!