Dear Miss Emily:

Back in October, I started seeing this guy who I guess is just a casual sex friend. Anyway, 6 months on and we are still doing it!  He says he doesn't care if we see other people.... but when I go out he will say stuff like... did u pull.... happy hunting.... Why don't you invite one of your other guys round!!! To clarify, I am not seeing anyone else, although he does not know this. The truth is he is enough for me. He is a very successful guy who works every hour of everyday.  I think a lot of him!!! But does he want me to actually see other people... why does he says this ...?

-----------------Miss Emily's advice--------------

To me, it seems he doesn't want any commitment, likes the sex, and thinks it's okay for you two to see other people.  He's a busy guy, and he's got it all figured out in his head.  I think you have to take him at his word.  But here's a thought:  Is he indirectly suggesting a three-way by asking you to bring your "other guys" around? You could test him by seeing how he responds if you do that very thing.  That said, if you want more, it might be a good idea to tell him. The alternative, obviously, is keeping the status quo.  Only you know if it would be worth the effort and, potential, emotional drain.