Dear Miss Emily:

The thing is, my boyfriend is on Tagged and although we have a great relationship it bothers the hell out of me that he feels the need to go on there, constantly, during the day because he says it keeps him entertained. I don't have a problem with him having the page, but the content on the page! All day, different women leave sexually explicit comments on his page and he returns the favor and I think it's disrespectful to me. We have great sex, lots of fun and, overall, a great relationship.  But he's not willing to give up his page for me. Should I give him the boot because we had a huge fight last night and he was willing to walk out on our relationship for this page?

-------------Miss Emily's advice-----------

It finally went beyond Tagged and became a battle of wills, last night, right?  Curse the Internet for the availability for boys and men (I use the term men, loosely) to get their jollies by believing all the women who write to them in the cyber-world literally want their junk.  Kinda sad when you think about it.  It make you want to buy a great vibrator, settle for girlfriends -- and a dog!  But if that doesn't seem like a reasonable alternative, and he really is a good guy in many other respects, I'd tell him you have reconsidered your position until you are firm on that position (meaning you have covered it from all angles).  That will throw him.  And then, do not speak of it, again, until you have made a decision to keep him around or, as you stated, give him the boot.  No more fighting over it, offering him a greater reason to justify his behavior.  If he ends up losing you over this, maybe he will have a change of heart.  Personally, I think he should be sensitive to your feelings and temper his obsession with Tagged but, right now, he's too selfish and immature to do that.  He may accuse you of being insecure, but I don't know too many women in a committed relationship who sanction their men exchanging sexually explicit e-mails to strangers all day  -- although better than doing this with the woman across the street!