Dear Miss Emily:

I'm a 15 year old girl, and I have just recently moved outta my hometown.  I had a boyfriend for about 6 months but been on and off for over a year. When I moved, I thought the whole long-distance thing could work and I have given it a try.  But first, I don't really trust the guy because he's had a "player past" and because I always see a lot of girls talking to him on like "Myspace" and, well, here's my problem:  I like him a lot, but I like this other guy who lives where I live, now.  Every time I try and tell my ex that we are completely over, he never accepts it. He tells me how he and I are "MEANT TO BE!"  I don't really believe it 'cause I'm only 15, and he's 17.  But I just can't let him go, even though I know I have to, but I don't know how.  PLEASE HELP ME!

-----------------Miss Emily's advice------------

For a fifteen year-old, you seem pretty mature.  I get letters from people, much older than you, who fight the truth about a relationship and let it drag on until it becomes emotionally damaging.  At your age, being tied to a person who says "We are meant to be together" is totally unrealistic.  This ex of yours is holding you emotionally hostage in this matter.  The truth is, you have moved and found someone else you are interested in.  No crime there. You just need to be consistent when you tell him it's over.  If he's got a wide range of girl friends, he should have the ability to move on.  At fifteen, it's a perfect time to learn the meaning of, and using the word NO.  You aren't being cruel, you are only being honest and there is no indecisiveness.  In your case, No means you don't think that you are meant for anyone at this time in your life, and you are strong enough to listen to that inner-voice that tells you the truth; despite how others think you should feel.  It's hard, I know.  But all of your life you will be faced with making decisions.  At some point, you must decide what is right for you.  There's no reason not to make this a priority, now, rather than waste precious time.