Dear Miss Emily:

Hello.  I'm a 19 year old female and recently found myself talking to a 24 year old male.  We began texting each other and he was so sweet, asking me questions about myself and giving me everything.  I went over to his apartment a day after we started talking and we watched a movie.  One thing led to another and we began to fool around.  We cuddled for the rest of the night and hugged each other goodbye in the morning.  He kept texting me but not in the same context as he was, which kind of made me nervous.  We made plans to hang out again the night after, but something came up on his part and we couldn't.  So last night, I spent the night again at his apartment. Once again, we fooled around and cuddled for the rest of the night.  He is not being very open about his feelings and that makes me nervous. Seeing as he was so open the first day that we started talking, I'm just not sure what's going on.  I asked him and he sorta gave me one word answers, saying that he likes me and I'm a sweetheart.  I just need to know if it sounds like he's taking advantage of me. I barely know him, but I feel a connection with him.  Should I keep talking to him about it or just see how things go?

---------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

Taking advantage of you?  Come on, where's your part in this?  I am going to assume you are a smart young woman who knows what she is doing, and does not let any guy think she's not responsible and capable of a 50/50 relationship.  And that means:  A girl who knows what she wants, sexually, and does not fool around or cuddle unless she's getting equal satisfaction.  A person who is self-confident and doesn't appear needy by asking, on the 2nd encounter, "What's going on?"  As you say, you barely know him.  Perhaps you want to take some time to do that, before you get too sexually involved.  Then you won't find the need to blame him if it doesn't work out.  Right now?  Just see how things go, and take responsibility for your actions.