Dear Miss Emily:

Ok, I like this boy but he has just gotten a girlfriend. Our friendship has been complicated because he liked me for about 2 years, and I liked him for about 1 year. He asked me out, and I said "don't know" but he just pretended to forget about it. I've got feelings for him, again, but he's just got over me and he's found another girlfriend.  Is there anything I can do to win him back?  Please help ! x

-----------------Miss Emily's advice------------

No, I don't think there's anything you can do to win him over at this moment in time.  Not sure why you said, "don't know" when he asked you out before, but I would assume you were insecure about the prospect of something more than friendship.  If you have the courage, let him know you still care about him, and if he and his girlfriend have a parting of the ways, make your move -- if that's what you truly want, and can handle it. You may not get him, but sometimes taking this kind of risk reaps big rewards.  The laws of the jungle can be brutal, at times, but understanding them, early on, is your best defense.