Dear Miss Emily:

Okay, so.. I've liked this boy for a while now. He used to be really into me, and I truly believed we were gonna be serious enough to date. Well, I kinda did something that isn't that extreme with him, but I regret it because I'm thinking maybe if I hadn't done it he would appreciate me more. Well, anywho, he and his girlfriend broke up a month or so ago, and I know he isn't really over her (it's a long story). They basically both didn't want to break up but they had to. Well, anyway, I kinda like him again.  I had prom and I kissed him and he didn't kiss me back! (I'm not conceited, it's just I've never been turned down before) and I was truly shocked. He apologized, seriously, 5 times. But idk, I like him now.  I let my guard down, and I got a slap in the face for it. What should I do?  I really, really like him.

--------------Miss Emily's advice------------

I don't think you did anything that would warrant a "what were you thinking?" from me.  A kiss, on prom night, to a guy who was once (or is?) into you is impulsive, yes, but bold, carefree and harmless, as well.  I would guess the reason he didn't kiss you back is that he's not over his ex-girlfriend, and it was a moment he was not only caught unaware, but unsure what to do given his mixed emotions.  What you should do is keep yourself "available" until it no longer works for you.  Let the regret over that spontaneous prom moment go, because it did truly let him know you like him and that's a good thing.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I get many letters from teens who won't even talk to a person they like, let alone muster the courage to do what you did.  Look, if he's interested, he'll come around.  If he doesn't, well, it's just not the right time for it.  Don't let what you thought was an ego-deflating moment keep you from putting this in perspective.  It's really not a big deal, believe me.