Dear Miss Emily:

Ok, I am a fourteen year old male. I had been dating a girl for a short while, but she broke up with me for it being too awkward. I am falling in love with another girl, who already is in a long-term relationship. I have told her how I feel and she said that she really liked me too, but didn't know whether she was ready to leave  her boyfriend, and she really likes him too. Now, my ex-girlfriend has just told me that she still loves me and is jealous of the other girl because I love her. I am in need of help.

---------------Miss Emily's advice------------

First of all, kudos to you for verbally making it clear what you want and feel.  I get many letters, from all ages, where someone is trying to figure out what the person of interest is thinking, as if mind reading were a reliable form of communication. You didn't tell me why your ex thought you and she had an awkward relationship, but now she's the victim of ego-deflation because you turned your sights to someone else -- and so quickly!  Jealousy is not a reason for her to want you back, and it is not a reason for you to think anything has really changed if you were to pick-up where you left off.  What is different in your relationship with her other than the fact that she feels the sting of rejection?  You seem like a savvy guy.  Don't dip back into the past unless you think you made a mistake and want to correct it.  With the kind of courage you have when it comes to going after what you want, I wouldn't settle for yesterday's news unless it legitimately felt right to you. The other girl may be involved with someone now, but you never know what tomorrow may bring.  But keep your options open.