Dear Miss Emily:

I found my soul mate, but he has the responsibility of taking care of his elderly mother’s finances. Now she has lots of health problems, and I know I should be patient and I have been.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should tell him to postpone our relationship until he has some time for me. I haven't seen him in a month. We texted, but that's about all. He is a good man -- everyone thinks so --.but I am tired of not seeing him.

----------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------

It’s hard to let a soul mate go, but how much of a soul mate is he if he can’t fit in a few minutes of his time to see you – no matter what the circumstances?  I applaud his devotion to his mother, but something is wrong with this picture, and I fear he’s not being totally honest with you, isn’t as interested in you as much as you think, or is terribly weak in areas that are important to be strong. Get to the bottom of this and, then, make your decision to stay or say goodbye.  You have the patience of Job, but this is ridiculous.