Dear Miss Emily:

 Here is my question: I am in love with a man that is scared that I am going to leave him. He thinks that all relationships end, and we should be friends so I remain in his life forever.  We still are intimate, and we hang out all the time and talk several times a day, yet he says he can't be faithful, because he has never played the field.  I told him that I am not the type of  person who can just be put on hold until he's ready.  But I love him so much, it feels like a part of me is missing when hes gone, and he has said the same thing.  I tried to cut him out of my life so I could move on, but the longest time we have gone without communicating is a month.  And it was because I blocked his e-mails and phone calls -- and then we just end up back together, with the same problem, he can't commit, and I cant move on. What do I do?  There is an incredible connection, we are best friends, we understand each other and just get each other, but he wants to go out and sleep with other people, and he does, but he always comes back to me; gross.  I love him so much, but this is unfair and after reading this I just thought how sad it was.

------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------

It is very sad indeed that you feel the way you do.  But I can understand why you stick around.  So many relationships are lousy, and when you find one that is as good as the one you have with him, it's hard to let go; despite his need to roam and his inability to commit.  You are aware that you and he could not be more opposite on a crucial aspect of your lives, and you also know that you cannot, and should not continue to force the issue.  It didn't work in the past, and it won't work now.  I suspect, feeling the way you do, you will hang in there until it gets resolved by him. You may not like how it turns outs, but you have given him all of your power and, as long as he has it, you are powerless to make a change. I don't buy his excuse that he's afraid you are going to leave him.  How do I translate that?  He's afraid he will, someday, leave you.