Dear Miss Emily:

Steven and I have been dating for about a month. We broke up
last week for about 3 days but got back together. He
likes this other girl who is his neighbor and friend. Because
they are friends, they hang out a lot and I only see him on
weekends, because I live 1hr 10min away. They hang out like
85%-95% of the day. I know he likes me more then her, but I
just can't get over the fact that they hang out all the time
and he likes her.
So what should I do?
Jealous of the Other Girl

----------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

Dear Jealous:

Jealousy is a wasted emotion and a sign of insecurity.
It gives this boy a tremendous amount of power to hurt you
if you let him and, also, feel lousy about yourself. He could
be a creep, but he also might be a nice guy who just happens to
have a best friend who is female. Rather than go through the
drama that you more than likely are willing to create over this,
why don't you hold your anger and angst until you find proof of
any duality. Keep a cool head and tread lightly. If he is
playing you for a fool, you can get out early and still main-
tain your dignity.