How are you?  I am a 30 (almost 31) year-old newlywed.  My problem is that as soon as we got married, my husband insisted that in almost every situation, almost all of the time, that I stop wearing a bra.  He says that is more natural, healthier, and sexy.  I am not exactly flat chested and he likes to see me in dresses that are slightly low cut so that he can see by breasts bounce slightly when I walk.  I have been concerned that my breasts will sag from the lack of support.  Fortunately, I have seen no evidence of that as I am high and firm.  Still, I feel like the bouncing boobs bit should be just for him and not for the popcorn boy at the movies, who I saw staring at my chest.  What is the fair solution?

----------------Miss Emily's advice------------

I'm fine, thank you, but I could feel my blood boil after reading your letter.  First, the word "insisted" that you wear no bra.  Insisted?  Is this a parental decision?  And why does this stuff always come up after the wedding, rather than before?  A lot of questions to ponder.  He should be telling you that not wearing a bra is just plain sexy (in his opinion), and left out the natural and healthy.  That worked in the sixties, but I'm guessing he's no hippie.  I've read no evidence that not wearing a bra causes sag -- but that never stopped me from believing it's true.  My real concern is this:  Although your husband wants everyone to know he's got himself a stacked babe, it makes you feel uncomfortable, and that doesn't seem to be important to him.  The solution?  Tell him, in no uncertain terms, that you do not mind accommodating his desires when you are alone, but you will choose when to flaunt your body in public -- and it will not be based on his need to bolster his ego by seeing men salivate over your cleavage.  End of discussion!