Dear Miss Emily:

I am in deep love with a gal who was introduced by one of my friend. Later on I came to know that the girl was having crush on my friend who introduced me with her and want to get married with him. But my friend do not have a good character. He used to use the girls for his physical desire. Now I want to save that girl from him. Should I tell that girl about the reality of my friend. She is a good girl, and I don't want her to get used by my friend. Actually, that girl is deeply trapped by the guy and now she can do anything for him. I just want to know if I tell her what my friend wants to use her for her physical desire what reaction she would have for my friend. Will she leave my friend or will not believe me?  I just want to save her. Please suggest me.

---------------Miss Emily's advice------------

I understand the reason you have for wanting to save this girl, but I think it will be next to impossible to convince her that your friend is a jerk.  I know, it's crazy.  You seem to know him, and she is caught up in his world of deception.  If you are so sure of this friend's rotten character, then cut off the friendship.  Let this girl know the reason you are doing it, and walk away knowing you have done the best you can do.  If you cannot do this, you'll have to sit back and watch this relationship sink or swim.