Dear Miss Emily:

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now.  Well, we had a lot of ups and down. Mostly me acting like a crazy girlfriend --calling his phone non-stop, when he was at work.. But I worked that out and stopped. Last night, I got drunk and I don't remember what happened, but he called me and left me a message telling me it was over.. I don't remember talking to him last night, but I saw in my phone that we did talk. When I called him, he wouldn't answer my calls. When he did, he told me I knew what I did and not to call him anymore. I tried to explain to him that I was drunk and didn't know what happened and wanted him to tell me, but he wouldn't. I know I want this man in my life, but I'm unsure how to fix the problem because he will not tell me what happened.  I'm so confused, and he will not answer my calls at all.  I'm so sad and heartbroken, because I worked so hard to make this relationship work and, then, when it was going well,  I messed up. HELP! I need your advice.

------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------

I hate to hit you when you're down, but a sloppy drunk who doesn't remember what she did  the night before does not speak well of you, and I understand why he might finally be over this relationship.  Who knows what you did but, the fact is, it was an excuse for him to give you the boot -- it was the final straw, so to speak. Your history with him is troubled.  I know you think you worked hard to keep it together, and maybe you did -- but your best, wasn't good enough.  You seem a little needy and grossly insecure.  These two traits are, to anyone more level-headed, a drag and a nuisance.  I don't know, he may be no prize, but you have hit a wall with him and he isn't ready to forgive you -- and maybe he never will.  But I'd back-off and resist the temptation to keep bugging him, or you give him a greater reason to call the exterminator and leave absolutely no room for working this out.  If you have a problem with booze, take a look at that.  It might just be the key to your problems.