Dear Miss Emily:

I have been in a brand new relationship since Dec. Yesterday, my boyfriend asked if he could store his tv and computer at my place --  which I don't have a problem with, but I did have some questions about it.  Once I asked questions, like, "Do you live in a bad neighborhood?" or "Do you need to store them there until you relocate?"  He became defensive and suggested I don't trust him, and that I have been nagging him for the last few days. I feel if it is in my place why not question him? What  can you suggest?  He has a key to my place, and I have never seen his yet.  He does not like to be questioned as he puts it.  What can you suggest?

------------------Miss Emily's advice------------

Wow, he's a defensive little bugger, isn't he?  The question "Why?" doesn't seem all that odd to me.  I mean, after all, he's your boyfriend, and if he lives in a bad neighborhood, or whatever the reason, it shouldn't be that hard to cough-up an appropriate answer.  No matter what the reason, and even if he's embarrassed to tell you what it is (like a bad neighborhood, or he's really homeless), he's presented a mystery to you, and now you should be on your guard for future behavior that looks and seems odd.  I'd let it go for now but, again, making you feel like you're a nag or don't trust him for asking a legitimate question is off-putting, and could be a pattern with him.  Given time, it would be a good reason to end the relationship.