Dear Miss Emily:

How do I get over my ex? It's been like almost a month since we broke up. I'm not crying over him or anything, and I'm not letting the fact that we were together not too long ago, stop me from flirting with other guys and moving on but, for some reason, I keep having dreams about him and its super annoying; especially since we haven't talked since we broke up. Do you know any good ways to really just move past him?

----------------Miss Emily's advice------------

I know it's pretty easy to say time will do it, but it depends on the circumstances concerning how much time it will take.  Maybe there were too many loose ends, and you didn't get to say all you wanted to say when it happened.  If you are still dreaming about him, that means he's on your mind throughout the day or before you go to bed.  If he haunts you in your dreams, it's probably because you went through a pretty traumatic breakup or multiple problems during the relationship.  Here's an idea that may work.  Write a letter to him that you do not send.  In it, write everything you wanted to say to him, but did not, or could not -- every hurt that you endured, but were not really able to explain clearly.  And if there needs to be an apology on your part, include it.  Seal it in an envelope, and put it away in a drawer.  When you have truly moved on, and you will when the void is filled, you can toss it or burn it.  When the thought of him comes to mind, make up a funny word that you can say to override the thought of him.  Know that it is better to have feelings, good and bad, than no feelings at all -- and the ones you have for him will, eventually, fade away.