Dear Emily:

I'm 16 years old and I'm ready for a relationship, but all of the boys I do get involved with, only want me for sex. This has happened 6 times now, and I feel I'm being used. I don't think I can trust another man even if he didn't want sex.. Can you help me?

-----------------Miss Emily's advice--------------

I think you have to make it clear up-front what you will and will not do in terms of sex.  Guys are wild and crazy animals, and some of them are terribly unsophisticated in this area (and others!). So they will try to go as far as they can, and if that's all they are looking for, yes, they will move on to someone who will accommodate them.  But you know, this is an age-old problem, and girls and women pretty much set down the rules when it comes to sex. Of course, some females can be coerced, but that's not you. Trust will always be a part of any relationship, no matter whether you are 16 or 60.  Some people are not trustworthy, and some are.  There's a lot of testing the waters at your age, and character development is often in its infancy.  That's not to say that someone 16 is a decent, respectable person, but so much of what goes on between teenagers is trial and error.  We all need to trust, yet no one is exempt from being hurt by a breach of trust. If you are smart, in time you will have a keen radar to those who are worth your time and effort, and those who are not.  But in the end, always be true to yourself.