Dear Miss Emily:

I am 16, and I really like this guy in my class.  He is quiet and not very popular, but he is seeing a girl he used to date. He told my friends he fancies me, a while ago, but he wouldn't start a conversation with me.  My best friend told him that I liked him but he has done nothing that I am aware of to hint at furthering our relationship. He still sees another girl that he used to date, and his parent won't let him date, after she was caught sending him very dirty messages. They had been going out for quite a while, and he didn't like her at the start. He didn't give give her a Valentine's card but he said he loved her, ages ago. I don't know if I should pursue our relationship, as his ex-girlfriend is a mean piece of work and I'm sure she would try to knock me out.  I can't stop thinking about him. What do you think I should do?

--------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------

Boy, you sure know a lot about his relationships!  I do admit, he seems all over the map in the dating -- liking, not liking, likes you, but hasn't made a move -- reality show.  But look, he knows you're interested, and for some reason he can't take any action.  Why?  You can't know unless he came right out and told you, and second hand information is not really a reliable source. I wouldn't waste too much time wondering and thinking about him, because his behavior speaks louder than any information you will get about him.  There must  be other guys who aren't preoccupied and behave in ambiguous ways.  Really, you should be thinking, so many guys -- so little time.  Go have some fun and don't put all your eggs in one basket.  That's the kind of thing  dumb, older people do.