Dear Miss Emily:

I recently started seeing this amazing girl. We spent almost everyday together the last month and a half. But recently, she isn't as responsive, to my saying "I miss you" etc. She also told me  that she needs to spend more time with her friends, and stay home more. She says she loves spending time with me but, for me, I want to be with her all the time. What should I do? Should I be worried, or is this normal? She's 26 and I am 39 should that matter?
Thank you

----------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

I don't think normal is the issue, as long as both parties are on the same page; but you and she are obviously not. It could be the age difference, but it also could be that she isn't as interested in you as she was when you two were joined at the hip for that month-and-a-half.  There's nothing worse than getting into the situation, however, where one looks silly or needy to a person who seems to be reassessing  the commitment to a relationship.  The more you look clingy, the more she'll back off.  And sometimes it gets even worse!  The more she backs off, because now you appear even more needy, the greater the chance of you making a complete fool of yourself -- not that you want it that way.  It just becomes an awkward and unnatural situation, and common sense seems to fly out the window.  Ease off.  If she's interested, she'll come around, but not if she feels pressured.  If she wonders why you have taken a step back, tell her you are honoring the space she wanted and you are filling the time with other things.  This may not end up in your favor, but it sure as hell won't if you act like a wounded dog.