Dear Miss Emily:

Is my boyfriend losing interest in me or is he only after the sex?  We never have a special moment were we just look into each others eyes and feel that we are in love. We are now dating for 3 years

----------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

Sex you can get anywhere, so I doubt he's only after that.  I think the relationship has become stale. All flowers need water, all relationships need nurturing.  I would discuss this with him.  If he says, "You're crazy -- I love you babe," you have a boyfriend who might be categorized as "clueless" or a drip. You have a responsibility in this, too! Don't put up with a less-than-good relationship.  If it's a matter of going nowhere, then maybe it's a habit that needs to be broken.  But before you entertain the idea of a break-up, make every effort to revive it.  Again, it takes two.  If he's not on board, your only recourse is to live with this unsatisfactory relationship, or end it.