Dear Miss Emily:

I'm married for six years and have children. I just got reacquainted with an old friend of mine whom I lost contact with for a long time, and I am starting to feel emotions again for this person. I hooked up with my wife to get over my friend as she was taken, but she is single now and I have strong feelings again. We talk in social network sites as we live thousands of miles away. What should I do?  I am so confused.

----------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------

I'm tempted to tell you to play this out, because she lives thousands of miles away (and telling you to just stop may very well be a waste of my, ever-so-precious, time), but this is the problem with that advice.  You could start to get easily distracted, and that makes the relationship with your wife and children seem obligatory rather than something you enjoy doing.  You might spend too much time on the computer, and your wife gets suspicious.  You may get upset about this, and become defensive and distant. If this happens, and it usually does in these circumstances, your wife will be on a quest to find out why you've changed. You try to cover your tracks on your computer -- and at the office, just in case there is any possible way you can be found out (especially if you get sloppy), and paranoia sets in.  Your emotional treadmill stresses you out and, now, you can't sleep.  If all this seems okay, because you are unhappily married, and you would welcome a divorce on a chance that your long lost love might feel the same and want to move near you so that you can still be with your kids, go for it!  If, however, you realize you have too much to lose, try to work at your relationship and realize that fantasy and reality are, more often than not, two different things.  Once you know the difference, you stand a chance at being a happier and more contented man.