Dear Miss Emily:

I dated a girl a few months ago, from our master's degree program. I began by helping her with a project.  She had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship and was on downward spiral. She left me after 2 months (not ready, we had argued, once, that bothered her).  We stayed friends, but she was distant.  I became depressed, and texted her I was confused and suicidal. She said I'm done, leave me alone. We just started school, and neither has talked to each other (small group of 10). I once made eye contact. It's very uncomfortable.  Is there a message I could send. I would like my friend back.

--------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

This is awkward, of course, because you made yourself look fragile -- and that can be frightening; especially to someone who only invested two months in a romantic relationship and, then, was made to feel, not only totally responsible for the break-up, but responsible for you threatening to do yourself in.  In retrospect, I hope you realize that was a big mistake, and also a need for a doctor's care if this becomes an obsession. That said, write a brief letter to her and hand it to her in class.  In it, include an apologize for adding to the uncomfortable nature you each feel in this small group, and you wish for an, occasional, friendly exchange but you are not asking for any more than that. You have now extended an olive branch, and the ball is in her court.  If she does not pick it up, and you are back to square one, do your best to soldier on with your head held high.  You know, sometimes you just can't turn back the clock -- something I've always wanted to do.  And if I could, I would not be writing this advice column, but preparing to receive my third Oscar at the Academy Awards.