Dear Miss Emily:

There is this guy that I have known since the eight grade. We have always had a thing for each other, but we have never taken it past friendship;. his choice not mine. We have had sex in the past, and I feel that he is Mr. Right but, for some reason, he is afraid that if we start dating that it will mess up our friendship. I understand where he is coming from, but I just have this feeling in my heart that he is the "ONE."  I have dated other guys, and they can't hold a candle to him.. I always find myself turning right to him.  I truly love him, and no one else. Tell me how to get my man? Thanks
Hopelessly In Love

--------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------

Dear Hopelessly:

I think it's no secret to him what you really, really want, but I believe his trepidation is something other than a possible ruining of the friendship. The best romantic relationships have a true friendship at its root, and his argument doesn't make a lot of sense, on that score.  Sure, you can't see into the future, and maybe you would find that a committed relationship doesn't work, but any number of things could happen -- but he's not willing to find out.  It appears he likes things the way they are, and you're just going to have to accept it.  Still, if you think there is any chance of changing your status with him, make yourself less available and get busy with things that don't include him.  It proves to him that you are not waiting with baited breath for him to say "Ah, what the hell, let's give it a shot," and it will give you a chance to see things from a greater distance.  If he wonders why you aren't hanging out as much, you might want to tell him that you think you were starting to feel that closeness again, and you thought it best to keep your mind on other things.  If he's cool with that, then that's all you need to know.