Dear Miss Emily:

I was in a relationship for 6 yrs, and deeply in love.
One day, he ended it and, now, he is dating someone else. He
is, still, acting like he love me. What do I do? I love
him deeply.
Broken Hearted

------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------

Dear Broken Hearted:

Why women CHOOSE to be treated like second-class citizens is
a disturbing, and ongoing fact in many male/female relationships.
But don't get me started on that! This man is with someone else,
now, but still acts as if he loves you, as well? Would you consider
living with a polygamist if, someday, he wanted to marry both
of you? Do you get what I'm trying to say? Stop letting
yourself be treated like a door mat, and get some backbone.
If you let this happen to you, you get what you deserve -- a
two-timing kinda guy who, may love you like a sister, but is
not in love with you. Only you can decide if this is good