Hello, Miss Emily:

Well a lot of relationships have been going on in my life. I am currently dating this boy for about 6 months almost 7. Besides that, my friends and I were bored one day at school. So we were looking at someone to get interested in for a joke. We see this really cute guy. He's a year younger than me, but he's really cute. Yesterday, I was leaving the school to go home, I was looking down the hall and I notice someone waving at me (not to mention we wave at the guy everyday). And I am worried if he likes me. But my boyfriend has never told me he loves me, or kissed me. And I am just wondering what I should do. Should I break up with my current boyfriend? Or should I just tell the other guy that we should hold off for a while? I really do like the new guy, and I think I have stronger feelings for him. I hope you can help me. Thank you sooooo much!

----------------Miss Emily's advice--------------

Yes, I think you should let your boyfriend go his separate way, because if you've been with him for almost seven months, and you don't have any strong, emotional feelings, or a sense of loyalty to him, I guess you never will.  I'm not sure this other guy can provide you with what your current boyfriend does not (professing his love and kisses), but it's worth exploring.  If you are pretty young (and I would bet that you are), it's hard for some teenagers to cross the line to intimacy, and that may be why your current boyfriend is timid about this.  But again, if you have a roving eye, and the new guy seems interested, go for it.  Just be prepared to have second thoughts if this does not go the way you had planned!