Dear Miss Emily:

I have had a friend, with benefits, for about five months now.
The problem, of course, is I've developed feelings for him.
When we first met, he had just gotten out of a relationship.
I knew that was a problem but, in the beginning, he pursued me.
I've always been the one to usually initiate contact by calling
or texting, but he would always want to spend time with me.
He works out of town, so he is gone for two weeks at a time.
The last few times he's been home, I call or text him to hang
out, but he always has an excuse that he's busy doing
something. So I finally confronted him in a text and said that
if he didn't want to talk to me anymore, that was all right --
no hard feelings. This was the first time I had ever put him on
the spot, in five months. But he text me back, saying he was
sorry and that is not it, he's just been busy. I am so
confused. I like him a lot, but he is acting so different,
lately. His ex girlfriend dosn't live here, so I know he is
not seeing her. Whether he still talks to her, I don't know,
because I never wanted to pry and ask. I am so needing
answers. Should I just stop getting a hold of him? It's hard,
because I like him so much. Any advice would be great.
Thanks -- Between a Rock and a Hard Place

--------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

Dear Between:

You are going to have to stop believing everything you hear!
This guy, by his actions, wants to have an occasional romp
in the hay, but refuses to admit your relationship isn't going
to go beyond that. At least not now. He's out of town a great
deal and, gee, what do you suppose he does in the evenings,
read passages from the Bible? I doubt it. He's a free spirit
and, up until recently, so were you. Let him make the next move
and, definitely, stop with the text messaging. If he wants to
see you, he'll call. If he doesn't, what more do you need to
know? Hope springs eternal, but if I were you, I'd seek greener
pasture, before you make an ass out of yourself.