Dear Miss Emily:

All right –  So, I'm in college, and random hookups are a very common thing. Just when I thought I couldn't meet a good guy at a party who wasn't just looking for a hook up, I meet this guy.  We are both in line to fill up at the keg, and he initiates a conversation my letting my in line next to him. We start some small talk, we introduce ourselves, then get deep into conversation, forgetting about filling our cups. In a nutshell, we spend the next couple hours just chatting. We find out we have sooo much in common, it’s kind of scary. When one of his buddies asks him to do shots, he says, "No, I actually want to remember this night", smiling at me. I don’t really know what that meant.  But then it starts getting late and we end up walking to a pizza place to grab food. We take it back to his dorm and just chill, listening to all these indie bands no one knows about but somehow we both knew about and loved.  Throughout the night, we keep talking about how we will be hanging out in the future, for instance: we are talking about the movie Big Fish. He wants to see it, and I tell him I have it. He said, "You’ll have to let me borrow it, or we can watch it together." Anyway, we eat our pizza and continue to just talk for a couple hours, then pop in a movie. After the movie ends, we just hug, he asks for my number, then we call it a night and I go back to my room. When I get back, we exchange “flirty” texts before dozing off to sleep. It was one of the best nights ever! I felt a real connection with him, and I felt he was feeling me too. But its been about a week, and we have only talked a few times; him saying "hey" to me in the hallway and having one long text convo (that I initiated).  Nothing else has really come from it, and I'm wondering if that night meant anything? I mean, I'm glad we didn't hook-up. It was a great night! But what does it mean to "go home with a guy" but just talk? What happens next? I want to know what that night meant and what can come of it? Should I bring up hanging out again, or wait and see if he brings it up?
Waiting in the wings

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Waiting:

Yeah, it’s good that you didn’t hook-up.  I’m no prude, but there’s something to be said about not doing the nasty with a stranger after a keg party – it seems so, so, Lindsay Lohan, doesn't it?  In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with going back to his dorm and just talking. You haven’t told me anything that’s a negative, other than he hasn’t asked you out for the weekend.  But it’s only been a few days, so the alarm bell can stay hidden under the bed, for now.  If I were you, I’d figure that the other night with him meant that you two enjoyed talking, have a lot in common, and watched a flick.  He, too, may wonder where it’s going from here.  We really do give guys too much credit in these matters.  That’s a big mistake!  Don’t wait for him to make the next move. Text him and ask if he wants to get together this weekend -- to watch Big Fish?  He may have plans, but if he doesn’t suggest a rain check, I’d let it go. You never really know what goes on in a person’s mind, especially when they are just a brief acquaintance.  If it didn’t work out, you can only assume it wasn’t the right time -- or he's a closet gay?  Joking.  But it is possible!