Dear Miss Emily:

I am a 24 year old woman who married for money, not my husband's but his father's.  He promised to bail out my daddy from his real estate problems if I would marry his son.  My husband did not, and does not, know about this.  I liked him before we married, but did not think of him as hubby material and put off sleeping with him until we were married -- other than letting him get an eyeful when we went skinny dipping, I put him off.  At this time, I learned that he was GREAT!!!.  Not to seem cold, but I love what he does for me. During the days, I find myself thinking about the nights.  My husband will send me flowers and love letters for no reason.  One night, he insisted on getting up at 4 go to Walgreen's, because I had the sniffles.  I don't have much experience with budgets.  If I wanted something, daddy bought it.  My husband will fuss at me if I overspend, as he wants us to make it on our own.  Other than wanting to see my daddy back on his feet, again, I don't care much about money any more.  I am trying to do better.  For a number of reasons, I am worried that my husband may find out about what I did, and my deal with his dad.  What should I do?
Did It For Daddy

--------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

Dear Did It:

I can't imagine that your father-in-law would spill the beans if you stay married to his son. I don't know this man, obviously, but to tell his son he, essentially, had to pay a woman to marry him, it would be tantamount to telling him he's pond scum. I guess you are worried about all the other people who were privy to this scheme, and people can get nasty!  It's a gamble, and honesty is usually the best policy but, in this case, I would carry on as usual.  Not to be cruel but, at 24, there's a good chance you'll, eventually, tire of your husband and leave him. Although he treats you like a princess, the fact that he wants you two to do things on your own, money wise, might wear thin after a while -- despite your "new view" concerning money.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it appears you've changed your feelings for him because he dotes on you (like daddy), and you are conditioned to that kind of treatment.  Nowhere in your letter did you tell me you have fallen in love with your husband but, instead, told me what he does for you.  I do wish you the best, and would like you to truly love this man for all the right reasons. That said, if you tell him what happened, it will open up a Pandora's box.  I'd keep the lid on for as long as I can.  Sometimes a little luck is the best plan of all.