Dear Miss Emily:

 I dated this girl for almost two years. Trusted her, respected her, and gave her her space.  Recently, she traveled with friends which, again, I trusted her. When she came back, she was extremely different and said that she just wanted to be single and that it wasn't me, but it was her, and I should let her be -- if it was meant to be, it would be.  Then I hear shes telling friends I am letting her slip away.   It just doesn't make sense how fast it all changed?

--------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

Dear Baffled:

The line, "If it were meant to be, it would be" is absurd.  She's acting like some outside force controls this and, therefore, she's off the hook.  I think she realized that she wants her freedom (another guy in the picture?), because there's a big world out there and she noticed that in her recent travels.  She's right that it is about her (she made this decision), but she's wrong when she says it isn't about you.  It is about you, too!  She no longer wants to be with you.  If she's telling friends you are letting her slip away, after what she said to you, she has a screw loose, or she's trying to rationalize her responsibility in the break-up.  Don't fall for it.  Tell people how it really came down if it's important to you, and don't be vulnerable to future B S from her.  If she wants to come back into your life, after all this, have a heart-to-heart and demand the truth.  If you know her well enough, you'll know if she's lying to you.  Now, get on with your life and be happy!