Dear Miss Emily:

I am a 15 year old boy who has felt a strong connection to
women all my life. After exploring feminine things, I found
that womens clothes, particularly panties, are infinitly
comfier and cuter. My mom has taken panties I bought, twice,
saying it was a fetish and those are for girls. This is part
of who I am. How do I deal with this? I think about it
everyday, I'm going crazy! Please help

Wanting to be myself

-----------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------

Dear Wanting:

I feel for you. I am a strong believer of a "live and let live"
policy. I don't know how secure your relationship is with
your mother, but that is the big question here. If it's strong,
other than this "undies" issue, gather information to inform
her on the subject, or ask to see a counselor so that you can
explain your position via a third party. If your relationship
with her is volatile, be more discreet -- but not in a way
where you think what you are doing is shameful. As you move
toward greater independence, you will be able to live your
life in a manner that is true to you -- find friends who are
not judgmental. But you are a teenager, and certain things
are going to rile a parent -- this being a big "certain thing."
Live with it, but also know that no one, and I mean NO one can
destroy your self esteem unless you allow it. Let me know
what happens.