Dear Miss Emily:

Sorry if its too long, but I liked this guy at my school for a while.  He, not long ago, found out, and he goes on an MSN chat messenger.  Ha,ha, heard you fancied me.  And was just like oh, lol, and went offline. I told one of his mates that I don’t, and the next day he goes.  Heard you don’t fancy me, anymore?  And I went no, never did, and he was all, o k.  But the thing is, he spread it and told his friends, and now everyone knows.  I got mad and I told one of my friend and called him a wanker (sorry), and he started having a go at me on MSN for it, and I was all sorry.  And then, the other day, someone shouted to him “E” fancies you, and he turned round and said, I don’t really know her that well, and she told me on MSN she didn’t, so shut up like that, and everyone is like, omg, he is sticking up for you.  And now, he and his mates are giving me really,  really awkward looks and, when he is on his own, he glares at me. And I was in this class room, and he and 10 other people were just standing at the door looking at me, and I was like, okay, and just sat down, and someone said I went bright red.  I really like him, he’s popular and probably most definitely wouldn’t be interested in me, but I don’t really know, what shall I do?
Caught In The Middle

--------------------Miss Emily’s advice-------------
Dear Caught:

Admit you like him and see where it goes.  This emotional tug-of-war is getting you nowhere.  I would think that if he didn’t have any feelings for you (because you believe he’s too popular and, therefore, unattainable), he wouldn’t have gotten involved in this cat-and-mouse game in the first place.  Stop denying it, face the truth about it, and see where it goes.  If it goes nowhere, so what?  It’s best to learn the lessons of life early.  No one can win all the time, but if you don’t test the waters and try to get what you want, your life will be dictated by others and you will end up feeling powerless and resentful.  Lose your insecurity (it’s useless), hold your lead high, admit you like him, and accept the outcome with emotional strength and courage.  Remember, he’s human too, and holds no magic power over you.