Dear Miss Emily,

Hey, I am 15 years old and came across a HUGE  dilemma? Well, this guy I've liked for a couple months just broke up with his girlfriend. I found out that when he was going out with her, he liked me. Now they broke up, and he tells my friends we're just friends but, after this week, I get a feeling that he likes me again, and we almost hooked up 3 times. Now in 2days, another guy I used to like, is going to ask me out!  That's the confusion. Should I say yes and, then, totally get over the other guy?  Or should I say no, and hope that things with   the other guy gets turned into an official relationship? HELP!!!

-------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------

Dear Indecisive:

Nothing is written in stone that if you go out with one guy, all bets are off on going out with "other guy."  That said, I'm a great believer in putting the cards on the table and making one's wishes known.  I know that second-guessing is common with people, but so often we are wrong if we assume how someone feels, or listen to secondhand information.  If your heart is with "other guy" ask him if he wants to go somewhere with you.  If he says "I'll let you know" rather than nailing a date down, you'll have your answer.  You don't have to feel embarrassed if he is no longer interested.  Everyone has different preferences in life, at different times in their life.  People usually respect those who know what they want, and go out and get it.  A lot of girls would love to have your problem.  Open yourself up to lots of possibilities, and you will never look back and be sorry you didn't live your life to the fullest.