Dear Miss Emily:

I am always just the friend or the hook-up. How do I go to the
love interest?
Unlucky in love

---------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

Dear Unlucky:

This is not an easy question. There are many variables.
Are you shy? DO you make yourself seem unavailable? Are you
telling yourself, "I don't want to join a club that would have
me as a member"? People who are attractive, to others,
are that way because they exude confidence. They project,
"I have something to give -- come get it!" You don't have to
change your personality, just lighten up and be, for lack of better
wording, calm, cool and collected. Physically, do the best you
can. Get a great haircut. Gradually improve your wardrobe. It
all sounds superficial but, hey, we are all animals, aren't
we? Put yourself at the head of the pack. Remember, all of us,
figuratively speaking, are in the same boat. Start learning how to