Dear Miss Emily:

I was going out with this guy for two and a half years, and he ended up breaking up with me because we were going to different colleges. However, it's been six months since we have been broken up and I'm still in love with him. I think about him every day, and I even thinking of him when I'm out dating other guys. I don't know if I should just confess my love to him and fear getting rejected (again) or just letting him go even though he's still on my mind. I still think he is the one for me because I keep thinking of him constantly, and his mom and I are still close and do things together; I even cry for him at least once a week, which is ridiculous to be doing 6 months later, but I'm still in love with him. What should I do? Please help me.

----------------Miss Emily's advice--------------

Dear Crushed:

It seems harsh to break up with someone just because they are attending a different college, but the reality of it, although hurtful, is practical in many respects. In truth, he decided that there's a big world out there, with much to experience, and it was time to head in that direction.  You may still be deeply in love with him, but if he is not feeling the same, your only recourse is to face it and move on.  I see no problem with you telling him how you feel, as long as you accept his response.  For the most part, our futures are mapped out by the logical, or illogical decisions we make in life.  In matters of the heart, "logic" often takes a backseat, and it is a mistake to think that love will conquer all. There may be a future with him, but I wouldn't sit around hoping for it.  We are not destine to be with a particular person, and a relationship cannot be one-sided.  You might be wise to embrace his way of thinking, and experience life before signing on to the belief that he is the only one for you.