Dear Miss Emily:

My girlfriend does not show me attention like I give her. She told me she only wants attention and sex when she wants it!  I am too nice a guy for this treatment.  We talk many of times about this, and her sister told me I shouldn’t keep taking this abuse. Well, I’m tired of being mistreated   Should I end this relationship?
At Wits End

-----------------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------------

Dear At Wits End:

If you think that there is anything worth saving about this relationship, you can start by telling this girl that the new rule is: Mutual respect or you are gone.  You see, when an adult takes abuse, it opens the floodgates for more of it.  You have to look at why you allowed yourself to be mistreated, even once, before setting her straight. You may be a nice guy, but that is no excuse for turning in your self-respect for doormat status.  Once you put a stop to this, I think she might take a new look at the man she’s with, and decide that a strong man is really what she wanted all along.  If not, send her on her way to browbeat someone else.