Dear Miss Emily:

I am an 18 year-old boy who needs relationship advice, ASAP.  I have been in a relationship for 15 months now, so the majority of my junior and senior years have been with one person.  We do not argue, or have any problems to speak of.  We obviously get along really well, and we share a lot of similar interests.  And there are NO problems with friends or family that think we should not be with each other.  Rather the contrary is true.  Most people think that we are perfect for each other.  I even have two friends that ask me when the wedding is, jokingly.  Everything sounds great right?  The problem is that lately I have been thinking that maybe this isn't quite right.  We still have a good time, but sometimes I feel empty and unfulfilled.  And at times it has begun to feel like it's just going through the motions.  I don't know if it is just that the new feeling has worn off and that now it seems boring or what?  But I am definitely starting to have some regrets.  I just don’t know if I want to keep going on, but it would be so hard to end it.  I'm really caught in the middle and it's tearing me apart. What is your advice? What should I do?

----------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Torn:

I think it’s pretty normal to feel this way when you have a relationship for this duration, at your age.  What complicates this is that you do get along so well, and it seems that just because of that, you should think you are in a perfect situation.  But not so!  You are coming to grips with the fact that you have a great deal more living to do before you settle down with one person.  And you are right!  I think you should share your feelings with your girlfriend.  You are doing nothing wrong, nor is it something to feel guilty about.  You would be doing her a disservice if you did not tell her how you feel.  It’s hard, but what isn’t in life?  You don’t have to break up with this girl forever.  If time passes, and you find your way back to each other, at least you followed your heart and did not settle for something you no longer wanted, but failed to end it before you created a web of deception.