Dear Miss Emily:

I’m dating this man, and sometimes when I call him he doesn’t answer my phone calls, So normally, if he does this, I don’t ask him the next day, I just tell myself that it has passed.  So now I was tired of this thing of not answering my phone calls, and I asked him exactly what is his problem.  He said he’s got family problems and is not ready to tell me.  I told him I’d stop calling. He will call me back when he sorts out his problems.  Do you think I did a right thing, or maybe he did want to break up with me?
In The Dark

--------------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------------

Dear In The Dark:

Yes, I think you did the right thing by no longer calling him.  Does he want to break up?  I think he might have something going on at home (like a wife or girlfriend, perhaps), and your phone calls cannot be answered when he is not alone. Time will tell if he wants nothing more to do with you, but if he has secrets, you’d be better off to let him get on with his life without you in it.