Dear Miss Emily:

I have a good friend for the past 5 yrs who has now become my roommate.  When we first met, years ago, I thought he was attractive and liked him, but later to learn that it's only as a friend.  We have never dated and 2 times had sex (drunken sex).  I do not like him other than a friend and wished I never was intimate with him in that way.  However, he has a brother who I have just recently started seeing here and there, and I am extremely attracted to him. One night he called me, and we went away together and I had so much fun!  The following night he called me and came over to the house. We hung out and, once again, had a blast.  It seems as if my roommate is jealous, and I don't like it at all.  I don't want him ruining any chances I might have with his brother.  However, I am also having a hard time picking up on any signals if his brother is just being friendly or does have an interest in me.  How can you tell, and what shall I do?

--------------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------------

Dear Stuck:

I would, temporarily, ignore my roommate’s issue with jealousy and continue to see his brother whenever the opportunity presents itself.  You are under no obligation of loyalty (in this matter), to your friend/roommate, because you are not committed to any more than friendship.  Take it a day at a time. Your roommate’s brother might be testing the waters, as well, and you want things to progress naturally so there will be little to no doubt as to where this thing is headed.  If, at some point, the friend/roommate gets really “huffy,” you have no other choice than to set him straight and let him know that you will do as you please.  If he has the ability to thwart a possible romance with his brother, I would reevaluate you friendship with him and consider moving out.