But Miss Emily,

But I liked this boy a lot, and she said she
would never flirt with him, because she knew how much I liked
him, but she still did. What should I do now?
Mad as Hell

---------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------

Dear Mad:

Thanks for filling me in on the whole story.  All advice seekers should do this
in order  to  receive  the best advice.
No matter what age you are, this kind of situation can rear it's ugly head.  What can you do?  Stomp your feet and forbid her to flirt with this guy?  Rag on her repeatedly, and say, "But you promised you wouldn't!"  Someone has to be mature and HONEST  in  this  friendship, and it falls  in  your lap.  As I told you before, hormones are raging, and this, sadly, can override bonds of friendship -- in other words, it's the law of the jungle.  You lost the prey, now she's going to go after it. She knows  how you feel about this and, ultimately, only you can decide whether  it  will  destroy  your  friendship. I still stand by what I said in my last letter to you. One day, you both may end up laughing about this.