Dear Miss Emily:

 Hi Emily, I really need some advice here. I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 years now, and I love him with all my heart!  I cannot imagine not being with him, but lately he has let me down quite a lot. – like 2nite.  He said he would take me to the cinema, then txt me at the last minute saying he forgot his friend was coming round.  It really bugs me and makes me want to cry.  It hurts me and makes me think that he doesn’t want to be with me, but he tells me he loves me and I do believe him cuz we have both said b4 we wouldn’t waste our time if we never wanted 2 be together. Is this just a man thing, or has he gone off me? We see about 3x a week, is that normal?
Left Out

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------------

Dear Left:

It’s inconsiderate of him to call you at the last minute and cancel.  That would be true for any type of relationship.  Relationships can get a little stale.  They require nurturing to keep them current, and maybe this is the problem with you and him.  If you see each other only three times a week, that would give him plenty of space to see his friends and keep his calendar straight.  He’s gotten a little lazy, it appears, but I wouldn’t handle it by being whiny and angry. That would only give him a reason to justify his bad behavior. Tell him you think that being considerate is the foundation of a good relationship, and you would like him to be mindful of that in the future.  If he doesn’t apologize and promise to make amends, he is taking you for granted.  It’s your call on whether you accept it, or reassess your commitment to him.  He might be just a certain type of joe who thinks he feels a noose tightening around his neck and wants to loosen it just a bit.  If that’s the case, give him all the freedom he wants, as long as you take some for yourself (hint, hint).  If he operates by a double standard and thinks only he can be free to do as he pleases then, to me, that’s a deal breaker.  I’m sure he loves you and enjoys his time with you, but he has other priorities, as well.  And that's okay, but you have to be in total agreement with that mindset.