Dear Miss Emily:

I have been dating my current boyfriend for going on 7 months now.  I hated his best friend at first, until we started talking. Then it was like, whatever. And then he started to flirt. So I started as well. I thought nothing of it, because there were no feelings attached. Then the more he hung around, and the more we talked, I realized that I was really starting to like him. He's that "bad boy" type, who doesn't love that? He's smart and really fun to be around and talk to. The other day, he took his shirt off, and I melted. I realized that not only was I craving him, but his body blew me away. Now him and his body are all I can think about. I really like my boyfriend now, but there is something about his friend that drives me wild. Do I let it pass? See where it could go? Do I break up with my boyfriend because of these feelings? Or do I ignore it? I have no idea what to do. I'm deeply torn. Help!
On Fire

-----------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------

Dear On Fire:

Seems like the more you hang around this guy, the harder it will be to ignore your feelings.  Yeah, who doesn’t like the bad boy type.  They offer mega-watt intrigue, and they know it.  Sadly, bad boys usually demand unconditional respect and loyalty, even when they don’t truly know how to give it.  To them, they adhere to a credo that reads: So many women, so little time.  But if you feel the guy you are with is dull by comparison (it would be nice of you to break it off with him rather than cheat), risk getting involved with his boyfriend, if he’s available, and be prepared to test the emotions that you once thought you had under control. You see, it’s only worth it if you can stand the heat.  I’m not telling you not to do it, just be prepared, that’s all!