Dear Miss Emily:

I an in love with my mechanic, and have known him for several years. As of the past 5 months, he has been chatting with me more and is seemingly showing interest but has not asked me out.  He did ask if I was married or if I had kids. When I said no, he said “Me neither” but that he was not ready for kids. Does this mean he is interested in a serious relationship with me? I mean most guys do not normally ask this question. Thanks!
Ready For More

-----------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------

Dear Ready:

I think when someone asks if you are married and have kids, it depends on the context of the conversation.  If you two were chatting about other aspects of your lives, it seems like a natural question to ask.  But you can second guess yourself into no action.  It’s well within the range of okay for you to take the lead and invite him to your home for dinner, or treat him at a restaurant.  You can do it under the guise of thanking him for all the great service he has given you over the years. . . if you need the cover.  He may be shy or reticent to make a move, because he’s your mechanic and perhaps thinks you’re out of his league.  Silly, I know, but it happens.  So go for it, because it could be the start of something really good, but you’ll never know unless you take the leap.  If for some reason he says “No” don’t take it to heart.  With the economy the way it is, he might not be able to afford a relationship.